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We are happy to advise you on buying diamonds, work with you to design your individual piece of jewelry and offer you IGI or GIA certificates.

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Personalized rings by Pukka Berlin

Custom and high quality rings

Are you looking for a very special gift? We offer innovative designs for your personalised ring which makes a very special gift. Our sustainable production allows us to produce an individual ring for you. Choose between rings with initials, individual ceramic colours, unique gemstones, lab grown diamonds or an engraving. Whether it is a classic silver ring or an engagement ring– at Pukka Berlin we take every individual wish into account. We will help you find the right colour, material and the ring size for your personalised ring. Choose a personalised ring as a unique gift for your loved ones or for yourself. Our range includes numerous filigree rings, trendy sealing rings and diamond rings. With us all ring lovers will find jewelry in different styles.

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The strategic sustainability of Pukka Berlin

Important pillars of Pukka Berlin are the sustainable and responsible production and procurement of materials. That is why we manufacture ourselves. We report transparently, represent interests within the supply chain and promote commitment to these issues. Our handmade products close the gap between real and fashion jewelry. We guarantee the highest level of integrity, sustainability and quality through our completely internal supply chain. We make sure that this covers the entire production process right up to the finished product. We also like to exchange views with our stakeholders on a regular basis to understand their priorities and wishes. We are constantly strengthening our efforts in the areas of environment and social concerns, and we have set ourselves the goal of completely CO2-neutral manufacturing up to Scope 3 by the end of 2023.

frequently asked questions

Personalised jewelry is not necessarily more expensive. It depends on what you are looking for. Many personalised rings from our Bauhaus collection are affordable. One engraving is free of charge in the Fine & Bridal collection. The design of an individual piece of jewelry is included in our service.

That depends on the font you choose, which all have different sizes. The size of the ring also plays a huge role. For the engraving we usually offer a number of about 25 characters. Feel free to contact us if you want to engrave something into your ring.

On our website you will find many ways on how to customise a ring. Each ring is individually crafted according to your request. From the ring style, the shape, individual diamonds or stones to the engraving. Do you have a specific design for your unique ring? We are the right partner for personalised rings. We will be happy to help you out with that.