Baguette DiamanteneheringBaguette Tunnel Band

Baguette Tunnel Band

From €790,00
Model trägt mehrere Candy Ringe zusammen Sieben Amethysten strahlen in Baguette-Schliff-Anordnung

Candy Amethyst Band

From €555,00
Model trägt die Edelstein Ringe alle in Kombination Ring mit zart geschliffenen Edelsteinen in lebendigem Grün.

Candy Peridot Band

From €595,00
Model trägt die Candy Ringe in Kombination zusammenRing mit sieben Aquamarine im Baguette-Schliff in Gelbgold

Candy Aquamarine Band

From €595,00
Das Model trägt die Kollektion zusammen an der HandRaffinierte Citrine strahlen  im Baguette-Schliff

Candy Cythrin Band

From €595,00
Model trägt den Ring mit Rubinen in Kombination Ring mit sieben Rubinen im Baguette-Schliff in Gelbgold

Candy Ruby Band

From €755,00

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Baguette cut ring from Pukka Berlin

The formation of your baguette cut diamond

The natural diamonds of your baguette cut ring are formed over billions of years about 150 kilometers below the earth's surface. The extremely high temperatures prevailing here create pressure, which causes atoms to bond together to form crystal lattices. These become solid and thus form the rough diamond. Each diamond of your ring is therefore a unique piece and made for eternity. In addition to natural diamonds, we can also process lab-cultivated diamonds, so-called Lab diamonds, into your baguette cut ring. These grow on the basis of a diamond seed over a period of 4-6 weeks in our laboratory. They are indistinguishable from natural diamonds, CO2 neutral in their production, and less expensive than natural diamonds. Since baguette cut Lab diamonds have the same properties as natural diamonds, they are just as your piece for the ages.

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Fair and quality jewelry

The natural diamonds of your baguette-cut ring are fairly sourced by us. We always adhere to the guidelines of the Responsible Jewelry Council and control the entire value chain from the rough diamond to you. The supply chain of our Lab diamonds is completely transparent and fair due to our own production. The diamonds are then cut and polished in-house by our team of artisans. This way we can guarantee a high quality, which is checked in a final step for each piece of jewelry with the help of strict quality controls.

frequently asked questions

The baguette cut is derived from the French word "la baguette," which translates to stick or rod. Known in the 1920s as the classic staircase cut, the diamond cut is characterized by the rectangular shape of the diamond. This is created by precisely cut 90° corners and several staircase-shaped facets worked in parallel, which connect to the central rectangular facet.

Unlike other diamond cuts, the baguette cut focuses on clarity rather than brilliance. The clear and simple look of the baguette cut diamond goes very well with elegant and classic types. It also highlights the individual style of the wearer.

Diamonds are usually cut exclusively with the facet cut, which creates the typical sparkle of the gemstones. You can learn more about the different diamond cuts in our blog post Tips on Buying Diamonds.

Our baguette cut diamond rings are designed for both personal use and as a wedding ring due to their timeless elegance. You can also match your baguette cut ring with your engagement ring.