Model trägt mehrere Candy Ringe zusammen Sieben Amethysten strahlen in Baguette-Schliff-Anordnung

Candy Amethyst Band

From €555,00
Model trägt die Candy Ringe in Kombination zusammenRing mit sieben Aquamarine im Baguette-Schliff in Gelbgold

Candy Aquamarine Band

From €595,00
Model trägt die Candy Ringe zusammen an der HandEinzigartiger Ring mit intensiv blauen Saphiren

Candy Blue Sapphire Band

From €895,00
Model trägt den Ring mit Rubinen in Kombination Ring mit sieben Rubinen im Baguette-Schliff in Gelbgold

Candy Ruby Band

From €755,00
Model trägt die Edelstein Ringe alle in Kombination Ring mit zart geschliffenen Edelsteinen in lebendigem Grün.

Candy Peridot Band

From €595,00
Das Model trägt die Kollektion zusammen an der HandRaffinierte Citrine strahlen  im Baguette-Schliff

Candy Cythrin Band

From €595,00
Eyecatcher Ringe wurden am Model kombiniert Ring mit einzigartigen Edelsteinen in Baguette-Form

Candy Pink Sapphire Band

From €895,00
Das Model trägt die leuchtenden Kreolen Sieben Edelsteine in 14k goldenen Kreolen
Model trägt die Kreolen mit sieben eingefassten Edelsteinen Elegante Citrin-Kreolen mit Baguette-Schliff
Model trägt die faszinierenden Kreolen am Ohr Rubin-Kreolen im eleganten Baguette-Schliff in Gelbgold

Candy Ruby Hoops

Model trägt die Kreolen mit den Amethyst Edelsteinen Amethyste zieren Kreolen mit Edelsteinen im Baguette-Schliff

Jewelry gift from Pukka Berlin

Ohrstecker mit laborkultivierten Diamanten

A piece of jewelry as a gift

A piece of jewelry from Pukka Berlin is perfect as a gift. All our products such as earrings, rings or an impressive necklace, with or without diamond will bring joy and they are an expression of love. Our selection of jewelry gifts is large and suitable for both women and men. You can choose between the material silver and gold and you can also customise the colour of some materials, such as ceramics. If you are not sure about the gift, you have the opportunity to exchange the gift for 30 days. Either you order a new product or buy a different piece of jewelry from our collections directly at the Bikini Berlin Store.





Gift Guide

Finding a suitable gift for your loved ones can be complicated. This is why we prepared some gift tips and a gift guide for you. Find more details in our gift categories or directly in our collections. Here are some gift ideas from Pukka Berlin: Does the person like classic, high-quality jewelry for everyday use? Then check out our Essentials Collection in 14k gold. Our Serpentine Collection is inspired by the Naga, an Indian snake mythology, which is popular among young people. For trend-conscious people who prefer statement jewelry, the gender-neutral Tembo Collection is ideal. Those who believe in the calming and at the same time invigorating effect of moonstones should give away the Luna collection with real moonstones. As a gift idea for parents and best friends, we recommend our Pukka Berlin seal rings with an individual engraving such as initials or even a smiley.

nachhaltiges Diamanten Tennis Armband

personal appointment?

We are happy to take your customization requests, design your individual piece of jewelry, offer you IGI or GIA certificates or help you with your questions. Book a free appointment.

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frequently asked questions

First of all, we recommend checking first what kind of jewlery the person usually wears.
Does the person often wear necklaces or earrings? What about bracelets? What colour of jewelry? Does the person wear simple or more fancy designs? With or with gemstones? According to our experience, everyone has different preferences. In addition, we ask you to pay attention to the size of the jewelry. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect size for rings and bracelets. If there is anything we can help you out with, please let us know.

At Pukka Berlin you will find jewelry for every occasion and every budget. We offer sustainable and high-quality jewelry, which is affordable at the same time.
This is possible because of our integrated supply chain. In this case you get high-quality silver jewelry with natural stones for approx. 70 €, and gold jewelry for approx. 150 €. We manufacture all of our jewelry ourselves. So you can create your individual design. We have a large selection of gift ideas for every event such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

The regular delivery time for jewelry depends on the country in which it is to be delivered. Feel free to contact us if you would like an express delivery.
Here are some general estimates of our delivery times:

Germany: 2-3 working days
EU: 2-4 working days
USA: 6-8 working days
Canada: 6-8 working days
Africa, Asia, Oceania: 14-19 working days

Jewelry that we do not have in stock will take about 4-7 weeks.