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Signet rings from Pukka Berlin

The tradition of the signet ring

Signet rings have a long tradition. Originally, they were reserved exclusively for the nobility and were mainly worn on the ring finger. Nowadays it is customary to wear them on both fingers and anyone can wear them. German law on names still states that one may not claim and engrave another family's crest.
Our signet rings from Pukka Berlin are designed differently!
The range of our sustainable signet rings stand for openness and individuality! You can either engrave our initial signet ring or design the coloured rings of the Bauhaus collection in your favourite colour. Show your unity and individuality with a signet ring from Pukka Berlin!

Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin


Waage Badge Fair Pukka Berlin


Zwei Personen mit Herz Badge Persönlich Pukka Berlin



Our Pukka Berlin signet rings

The combination of tradition and modernity makes a signet ring a special piece of jewellery. Our assortment includes the Initials Signet Ring, the Custom Signet Ring and the Bauhaus Ceramic Signet Ring. All signet rings have flowing shapes. The initial signet ring can be personalised with the letters of you or your loved one. It is a sign of unity. Alternatively, we can engrave your family's crest on request.
Are you looking for a more simple version? You can also buy a signet ring from us without embossing.
Our custom signet ring is available in bright ceramic colours and the Bauhaus signet ring is available in geometric patterns. All rings are made of sustainably sourced gold or silver and are handmade by us.

frequently asked questions

Signet rings were traditionally used by men as stamps and to seal letters. They served as a sign of power and authority. Our new interpretation of signet rings stands for openness and individuality.

Signet rings are usually worn on the little or ring finger. Ancient signet rings are often smaller, which speaks in favour of the little finger. In the Middle Ages, however, they were also worn on the index finger or thumb.

Please write us a note in the checkout of your order if you would like to have a different font. Usually we can realise it for you. Exceptions are certain special characters in combination with certain fonts.