Paisley pattern

The classic paisley pattern creates a playful look and elegantly highlights the central round, oval or emerald-cut lab diamond. An extraordinary eye-catcher and unique engagement ring for eternity!

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Simple but poignant

Solitaire rings

Whether emerald, brilliant or oval-cut, with natural or laboratory-cultured diamonds: solitaire rings embody the purity of true beauty and captivate with their simple yet impressive design!

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Engagement rings with several diamonds

Surrounded by accent diamonds, the central lab diamond shines all the brighter and makes for a real eye-catcher on the finger. The combination of different cuts creates a harmonious composition.

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Blatt in einer Hand Nachhaltig Badge Pukka Berlin





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We are happy to accept your customization requests, design your individual piece of jewelry, offer you IGI or GIA certificates or help you with your questions in a free appointment.

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Lab diamonds

Our lab-grown diamonds are grown CO2-neutrally and under the watchful eye of our experts to ensure a bright and radiant appearance. They are then cut to perfection by our experienced artisans. In doing so, we ensure a quality of VS | F+.

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Fairly procured

Natural diamonds

We source our natural diamonds ethically, controlling the entire value chain from the rough diamond to you. In this way, we can guarantee fair remuneration and the highest quality standards.

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