The Pukka Boys

Three friends. Three cities. Three cultures. A college friendship blossomed into the need for creating a modern jeweler. We want to bridge the gap in the jewelry market between mid-market and luxury and give you the best of both worlds - affordable luxury. Thus, we started Pukka Berlin, a demi-fine sustainable jewelry company with a simple message: Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good. We, that's Aalay from Bombay, the jewelry backbone of Pukka with a family heritage in the jewelry industry. Max, from Berlin, who's running Pukka in Berlin with a business background. And Taj, from Nakuru, your person for Pukka Kenya and who has a family business in apparel. But how did we end up doing jewelry together? What gave birth to the brand, what are our hopes and dreams, and what keeps us going. Aalay and Max

Our Background

All three of us come from very different backgrounds. Max was born and brought up in Berlin, Taj in Nairobi and Aalay, in Mumbai. All three of us come from diverse upbringings. Ranging from a family business in jewelry spanning four generations, through an architectural and business background, to a third generation background of a fully vertically integrated textile and apparel manufacturing business as well as liquor distribution company in East Africa.

Why do three business students start a jewelry company?

Max: It started when we met during our Masters in Warwick in the middle of nowhere in the English country-side. We discovered similar concepts of modern minimalistic designs as well as what a fair business means among us three. Throughout the year we got closer to bring together our shared idea of a new concept of a lifestyle brand. Due to the possibilities of Aalay's family business, we then started our journey toward Pukka. So what was our inspiration? I guess the combination of our origins, our design concepts, the lack of a solution we envisioned, and most of all our supplementing abilities.

Our daily routines

Pukka Boys

Aalay: It starts and ends with a cup of coffee and has tons of Skype calls in between. We live on three different continents, so video calls are life. Not just since Corona. Max: Same for me, it starts with a coffee and some thinking time. Then I work either from my desk or in the shop to meet clients for appointments. These meetings, especially for engagement and wedding rings, are the most fun of my daily routine. Apart from that, I play Football, squeeze in some Yoga or Gym in the evening, as well as hangout with my wife or meet friends, whenever possible. Taj: I wake up around 7:00 am and get to work at 8:30 am. My working day usually lasts until 6 pm. Post work I go to the gym for an hour and then usually sleep by 10 pm. Juggling between family business duties and running my own liquor distribution company, Pukka completes the work that I cover in a typical day. Once I get out of the office I try and go to the gym, meet up with friends, and unwind over a nice glass of wine.