Finding the perfect engagement ring

Finding the perfect engagement ring

Searching for an engagement ring? Congratulations to this big step! The process of getting married is an exciting time, but sometimes also stressful! As grooms (and jewellers) who have gone through the process of organizing a wedding and even harder: finding the right engagement ring, we thought the least we could do is share our experience. There are numerous questions that come to mind whilst researching the perfect engagement ring. How much should you spend? Where should you buy it? What kind of ring should you buy? What diamond should you buy? Or should you go for an alternative stone? With the plethora of options in front of you, we’ll try helping you to make the process simpler and more familiar to you. There are 5 standard steps to find the perfect engagement ring for you. And another step 1, if you search for an engagement ring for your partner, without your partners’ knowledge.

  1. Find your partners taste, colour, size
  2. Choose the Stone
  3. Choose the Provenance
  4. Choose your Budget
  5. Find the Style and Setting
  6. Choose the Material

Step 1: Find your partners size and taste

Find the ring size

“How should I know her/his ring finger size?” We get this question quite often. First of all, the size of the ring finger on the left and right hand might differ. So try to find out where your partner wants to wear the engagement ring, which traditionally is mostly on the left hand. Then, the easiest way would be to secretly borrow an existing ring that is worn on that finger and ask us or a local jeweller to measure the ring with a ring sizer.

In case your partner has no ring for the ring finger, either measure the finger yourself or be a good actor/actress. For the latter you might consider to talk your partner into trying a random fashion jewelry ring on your next shopping tour. For secretly measuring your partners ring size for the engagement ring use our size guide or contact us directly for help or a ring sizer. Probably the best way to go forward is to use a cord and loosely wrap it around your partners finger when asleep. Good luck!

Knowing your partners taste of rings

Finding your partners engagement ring taste is a process you should start early on. This is obviously a decision where you are in the best position to decide. However, here are a few things we highly recommend are:

Don’t follow trends

Get others involved like your partners stylish friend, inspiring parent, or local jeweler

Randomly ask what your partner thinks of friends engagement rings

Work with a jeweller like us for help, since often fashion style and personality lead to a type of engagement ring

Get the colour right: Though your partner might only wear gold jewelry, he/she might still want a classical white colour for the engagement ring

Having these tips in mind, look at our five steps as an orientation. Here we go...

Step 2: The stone

The first decision to make when looking for the engagement ring is the centre stone or what jewellers call “the solitaire”. The most popular option is a diamond, however, alternatives do exist. Some of these alternatives are morganites and sapphires, however we will take them up another time. For more infos on alternative stones, simply contact us for consultation.

The Diamond

Diamonds have become a cultural symbol of love in the past century. While some of this has been due advertisements, a lot of it is the beauty, allure and a diamond’s ability to stand the test of time. We always do suggest that if you are planning to propose choose a diamond, because the stone can be worn daily without much wear and tear.

How to choose the correct diamond for you?

There are various factors that can influence your decision for what diamond you might choose: shape, cut, size(carat), colour, clarity, famously called the 4Cs. We always believe if you are not sure what you are buying or are not happy with the look of the stone always ask for a GIA certificate. The only drawback is with GIA certificates it is always harder to get a good deal. And getting a great stone on paper doesn’t always mean that the stone will look the brightest. For more details on choosing the correct diamond, visit our dedicated page about the 4C's of a Diamond or our article on how to buy the perfect diamond.

Step 3: The provenance

Once you chose your stone, understanding provenance can be important for you. 99% of all stones come from legitimate sources since a lot happened here in the past 20 years. For us its 100% of our stones. All our stones originate from Canada, Botswana, South Africa, Russia and Australia from accredited organized miners who take care of their employees. And if you want to take it further with a cultured Diamond, contact us directly.

Step 4: Budget

There is a saying that you should spend two months of your salary on an engagement ring: honestly, we think it’s a whole load of crap. We believe choosing a budget is a very personal decision and it’s something that you (and your partner) will have to decide. However, we believe having a budget is extremely helpful during the journey of finding your engagement ring. With a plethora of options, permutations and combinations of material and diamond quality, the budget will allow you to filter right combination for you.

Step 5: Style and setting

Choosing your engagement ring design is probably the most important step after choosing your center stone. The design of the ring should speak out who you are, as you or your partner will wear the ring almost every day if not daily. However, while choosing the engagement ring design keep a few points in mind:

  • Trends will change, resetting an engagement isn’t as easy
  • Treat your engagement ring like you would treat your house. You will see it daily and it’s important to not get tired of it
  • Certain styles suit certain diamond shapes and cuts better. Make sure your style matches your shape.
  • Make sure your style and setting complement each other. Some styles look better in certain colours.
  • Make sure your style suits your lifestyle: Engagement rings are worn often, make sure your design and setting is secure and doesn’t come in the way of what you are doing. Here the material, height and setting security will play a major role.
  • Not sure what style you want, we can help you get to your decision, set up a custom appointment with us
Auf dich zugeschnittene Eheringe

Step 5: Material

Once you have chosen the style and the setting, the next step is the material. Each material has its own nuance. The material you choose will determine colour, security of the diamond and the wear and tear of your ring. When it comes to white, we always suggest platinum, as it lasts longer and always looks white. However, there are many more details to consider. For a more profound outlook please refer to our material guide. We hope this little guide helps you out. As usual, contact us for help or simply book a free consultation in store or virtually.

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