The perfect Gift for your perfect ones - Jewelry for Your Valentine

How to say "I love you"?

Every year on the 14th of February we try to think about the perfect idea to surprise our loved ones and how to celebrate the love for one another.

Are you looking for a gift? There is no better way to the heart as a gift like a lovely piece of jewelry. Your lover will wear it close to the heart everyday and remember your special gesture! ????

We put together a guide to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Here are our top 5 jewelry gift ideas for Valentine's Day:

1. A fine necklace for an eye-catcher in the décolleté - no sizing needed

Gift Ideas for the 14th February

A timeless classic that needs no sizing! We have a huge selection of unique necklaces that will make the perfect gift for your special someone. Whether it's a gold or a silver chain: Our sustainable recycled silver & gold necklaces are elegant, modern and add that special something to any outfit. More importantly, necklaces are the perfect companion for every day!

Our bestseller necklaces for meaningful occasions are the Aphrodite Diamond Heart, Marika Interlock or Theia Diamond Drop.

2. Bracelets - Valentine's charm on your arm

 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Bracelets enchant all hearts, including ours! And our Bracelets are always a good idea. More importantly, all our fine jewelry bracelets come with two hooks and our silver jewelry bracelets are made to fit everyone, given their steplessly adjustable closure.

Need a hint? Here are our Valentine's Day bracelet tips: AntheiaJodhpurHelixBezelLily TennisTri BezelTembo

3. Earrings for the sparkle on your ears

Heart shaped Earrings for Valentine's Day

Earrings are mostly always visible, no matter if it's on a video call or a date night. They are much more in focus than any other jewelry piece, especially in Winter. Our insider tip how to dress on the 14th February to impress: Go for a sparkling Diamond pair from our lab line or fine line.

Further, we offer a wide variety of earrings from simple hoop earrings, pendant earrings or stud earrings in silver and gold: Our unique collections have been lovingly designed so that there's a perfect pair for everyone.

Some recommendations for earrings as a gift for Valentine's Day are our best-selling diamond-free earrings: Bauhaus, Luna and Helix. Prefer something with diamonds? Then you might want to go for our Essentials, Lilyor Hyacinth.

4. Rings - Classic, but meaningful

Fineline Jewelry Gift for Valentine's Day

Besides the classics like chocolate and huge bouquets of flowers, rings are the classic gift. And the best about them is that they will last a lifetime if you choose a gold or platinum ring. Certainly, the key for gifting a ring is the knowledge of the ring size. Need some help in that matter? We curated the perfect ring size guide for you.

If you want a little extra you can add a personal engraving for free!

5. Mix up the colours - Combine & Stack Jewelry

From warm, rich gold tones up to cool, subtle silver, we have a wide range of elegant, minimalistic but funky jewelry made from recycled materials. Our advise: Opt for a combination of styles for a layering look or stacking.

If you're not sure what type of jewelry your loved ones like just take a look on their daily used pieces. They will tell you a lot about the colour, material and shape.

And obviously, feel free to always contact us! We're happy to help you for all matters!