Wedding cancelled - what happens to the rings?

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, now adding to that are the uncertainties of the corona pandemic. With the sudden surge of the virus, a lot of us have had to rely on plan Bs. We thought the least we could do is help you with how to plan for the wedding rings. But what happens with the wedding rings that have already been bought and engraved? Many questions arise here, and we want to help you to keep an overview. After all, the wedding rings should accompany you for a lifetime and symbolize your love for each other. In our article, we will explain to you which possibilities you have to make changes to your rings.

When should you buy your weddingring?

Handmade wedding rings take four weeks after ordering to be ready for pickup. However, we recommend that you allow a little more time, especially because of the logistical limitations due to Corona. We always recommend that you allow six weeks for your wedding rings to be completed.

When should you buy your weddingring?

Custom designs can take longer, but the amount of time depends on several factors, such as

- The complexity of the design
- Availability of the selected materials
- Seasonal orders. Off-season rings are always finished faster because the order backlog is usually lower.

When should you buy your wedding ring?

Taking the above factors into consideration, we recommend you allow 6-8 weeks when ordering your handmade engagement and wedding rings. Check out our blog post "Find the Perfect Engagement Ring!" to learn more about how to choose the perfect ring for your partner.

Can i change the size of my ring?

Over time, it can happen that the engagement ring or wedding band suddenly no longer fits. Also, it may be that the ring measurement was taken on a particularly cold day and the ring is too big to begin with. In these cases, it is possible to change the ring size. To change the size of the ring, you should see a professional. He can either make the ring wider or smaller for you. If you want to widen the ring, the ring is stretched using a special technique. Since the material is stretched in the process and only 1 to 2 size differences are reasonable, trying to push it wider may break your ring. For larger changes, the ring must be cut open. This means the goldsmith cuts the ring in one place, stretches it, and inserts new material. Therefore, enlarging the wedding ring should be avoided if possible.

Can I change the size of my ring?

Remember that it is better to order the rings a tad too big than a tad too small. Slight reductions in ring size can be achieved by compressing the ring. But here, too, the capacities of the material are quickly exhausted. Nevertheless, it is less problematic to reduce the size of a wedding ring. Alternatively, the jeweller can work thin metal inserts into the inside of the ring and thus inconspicuously reduce the inner diameter.

Can I change the size of my ring?

Remember that it is always easier to reduce the size of a ring than to increase it. So if you are unsure which size to buy, buy a larger size. The cost of changing the ring size is between €15-40, depending on the jeweller and the effort involved. Contact us if we can advise you on this or if you would like us to make the ring change.


You can have your rings engraved afterwards. In this context, it is also worth cleaning and possibly rhodium plating your wedding or engagement rings to make them look like new again. Contact us for your engraving wishes and we will be happy to help you.

Is it possible to change the engraving of the ring and can the engraving be removed

If you cancelled or postponed your wedding, you don't have to worry about the engraved date. The ring engraving can be changed or removed. Grinding, filing or sanding is especially common. Then the removed surface is cleaned and polished, and if necessary, rhodium plated. The ring then looks like new and there is little loss of material. In principle, this removal method can be applied to any material. Please note, however, that the narrower the ring and the deeper the engraving, the more difficult the work. That is why we use laser engraving, which has only a small depth. This can be repeated more often if you want a new engraving in the wedding rings later. Contact us if you want to know more about changing or removing the engraving of your wedding ring.


There are numerous ring materials: white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium, silver, titanium or stainless steel. The surface of rings can become brittle or tarnish after years. For example, matt rings can become smooth and vice versa. Discolorations, e.g. a yellowish shimmer in white gold rings are also among the side effects of everyday life. Precious metals can tarnish slightly over time, but their durability is guaranteed with high-quality materials. Accordingly, we use only 14k gold or higher. One can ensure long-term pleasure with a careful handling of the wedding ring or engagement ring. Have a look at our other blog posts, there we will give you valuable tips.

How much do the wedding rings/engagement rings cost?

When it comes to wedding rings or engagement rings, the costs vary. The higher the quality of the materials and the more extravagant the wishes, such as the quality and size of the diamond or the design of the wedding ring, the more expensive the rings become. The price range for a wedding ring with diamonds is between 450 to 1,350 euros and without a stone between 195 to 850 euros. The price range for engagement rings is between 350 euros and 1,500 euros, although prices can be significantly more expensive depending on the stone quality and size. We hope we were able to ease your worries a little with this blog post and wish you nothing but the best! As always, you are welcome to ask us for help or simply book a free consultation in-store or virtually.