Trilogy engagement rings as a symbol of eternal love

Modern rings with three diamonds for your proposal

We love rings with three stones. Not only do they represent incredible elegance that flatters your finger, but also beautiful symbolism. Learn more about the history and symbolism of trilogy rings in this blog post.

Symbolism and meaning of trilogy

When jewelry is set with three stones, it is called a trilogy ring. The stones are often placed next to each other and are not all the same size. Trilogy rings are unusual pieces of jewelry with a strong symbolism, which can be interpreted differently. For the Egyptians, the interpretation was focused on the spirit, soul and body. This is to symbolize the trinity for us humans, even in the jewelry with three stones. Another interpretation is dedicated to the temporal perspective. Here the trilogy stones, in this order mentioned on the ring stand for: Past, Present and Future. A beautiful idea that leaves it to you to give the stones together with your partner an interpretation.

Types trilogy rings

Central stone

Often the central stone, the most important for the interpretation, is also the largest stone, which is accompanied by two smaller ones. An example of this arrangement of stones is our Lily Emerald Tapered Ring.

Here, different stones can also be wonderfully combined. Often, for example, a central emerald or sapphire is combined with side stones made of diamonds. Dark blue sapphires are very popular for this.

Types trilogy rings

Stone sizes

The combination of the stone sizes of the three stones is equally customizable and leads to very different effects. Three stones of the same size lead to an ensemble where each stone stands alone and yet in harmony, such as in our Lily Princess Trio Ring. On the other hand, the combination of three different sized stones sometimes leads to a ring that looks like it is made of one stone, like our Lily Oval Half Moon Tri Ring.

Types trilogy rings

Stone ships

Likewise, different stone cuts can be combined endlessly. Very popular are combinations of central diamonds in oval or emerald cut, which visually lengthen the hand, and side stones in pear cut, which nestle elegantly. A very special version of this is our Lily Emerald Trapazoid ring, which combines an emerald cut diamond with two diamonds in the rare trapazoid cut.

Engagement rings with trilogy stones

Engagement rings with three stones are something unique and stand out from usual engagement rings, which are often set with only one diamond. Here rings with three stones have a very romantic meaning, which plays a role especially for the engagement. Trilogy rings represent love, friendship and loyalty. In love, the partner is the best friend and thus forms the basic building block for a long partnership, which is characterized by loyalty. These characteristics are best incorporated by a trilogy ring. Explore our three-stone rings for inspiration. A perfect gift to remind you in everyday life who or what is important to you and to strengthen and symbolize unity.

We would be happy to work with you to create a custom ring like this, combining your favorite cuts. To do so, simply book a free appointment with one of our experts.