Engagement rings with two central diamonds - the famous Toi et Moi concept

Classic "Toi et Moi" rings are pieces of jewelry that consist of two gemstones joined together in a single unit. These rings show the endless bond of love between two people, which is why they are often used as engagement or wedding rings. Currently, Toi et Moi rings are experiencing a revival again.

The French word "toi et moi" means "you and me" in German. Each gemstone in a Toi et Moi ring represents one of the two lovers. Together they form a symbol of the unending connection and bond of love that exists between them.

The origin of these rings dates back to the 19th century, when they first became popular in France. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte wore a Toi et Moi ring for his wife Josephine to show his endless love for her. Jackie Kennedy also owned a Toi et Moi engagement ring with two emerald cuts: a 2.84ct emerald and a 2.88ct diamond.

Toi et Moi rings come in many different designs, each with its own character and meaning. Some use different gemstones or metals to emphasize the differences between the two lovers, while others highlight the similarities.

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