What we stand for


Elephant Ol Pejeta Conservancy Our handcrafted jewelry bridges the gap between fine and fashion jewelry. Thereby, we ensure the highest levels of integrity, sustainability, and quality across our wholly-owned supply chain. Our minimalistic designs are inspired by the diversity of our origins. Berlin, Nairobi, and Bombay, a true fusion of 3 cities, 3 cultures, 3 continents, and 3 different ways of life. We bridge this gap by offering attainable fairly priced jewelry, without compromising on quality. We want you to invest in something that lasts the test of time, looks good, and feels good too. Sustainability and integrity are fundamental principles of our supply chain. We control our entire value chain from “mine to market”. Hence, we are involved in the sourcing of all our Diamonds and Colour Stones. This enables us to ensure full compliance and fair compensation for all raw materials. We ensure this extends all the way through the manufacturing process, until the finished product. This establishes the basis of our values: An equitable and honest supply chain. Transparently communicated to you.   Glocal Responsibility As part of our glocal vision, we strive to create pieces that go further than conventional jewelry. Jewelry pieces that transcend the norms. Thus, we created our Tembo Collection. Inspired by the mighty elephants of Kenya, Tembo, meaning Elephant in Swahili, is meant to make a statement. Something subtle, yet powerful. Every 15 minutes an Elephant in Africa loses her life due to poaching. 20% of the profits generated from the sales of the Tembo line go to the rapid response team at Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya. Here we personally ensure the funds are used to help keep Elephants in the wild and to fund anti-poaching initiatives. Fine Line Explained Creating awareness is half the problem solved and that is what we intend to do. Wearing our Tembo line is a statement of support and a pledge to help us help the brave wardens of Ol Pejeta. This collaboration represents an exciting starting point for us, with many more similar collaborations to come. Our values summed up in short: Pukka is not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too!