From sketch to sparkle: How personalized jewelry is created with us

Procedure for personalized jewelry

You want to wear jewelry that you haven't discovered anywhere yet? Or would you rather give your jewelry that personal touch? Pukka Berlin offers custom rings, necklaces, bracelets and more in addition to our collections. You can book your own appointment with our consultants here.

Now you're wondering: What is the process of creating a personalized piece of jewelry?
We'll explain it to you below.

1. the idea for the piece of jewelry

You've discovered something on the Internet and would like to use it as inspiration for your own design? Feel free to bring it with you digitally so that we can get a better idea of your idea together during the conversation.

2. virtual or personal consultation

With your rough design, it is possible for our experts to internalize your idea and make a technical design based on it, so that the piece of jewelry corresponds to your description. Of course, you can also come without a concrete idea and we will work out a design together. Our appointment booking page shows you our free experts and time slots.

3. digital design

You are unsure whether we meet your imagination? Then we can reassure you: Because we create a digital drawing of your jewelry piece, with which you can physically imagine your individual piece of jewelry. In case of customization requests, our experts can adjust the design and other details as desired before we place the final order.

If you would like to have an individual stone for your piece of jewelry, we will be happy to search for gemstones according to your wishes. We offer CO2 neutral certified Lab diamonds, certified natural diamonds with IGI or GIA certificate, as well as colored gemstones from sustainable sources. Afterwards we will send you our proposals including the certificates and possible pictures and videos to discuss them with you.

4. confirmation and order of your piece of jewelry

With your go, it starts: After confirmation, our manufacture in Mumbai under the direction of Aalay can begin to turn your personalized piece of jewelry from idea into reality. The duration varies according to individual wishes. The manufacturing process takes about 5 weeks on average.

A free engraving is also included and will be used for daily reminders in the jewelry.

5. personal production in our manufactory

If you are interested in our handmade manufacturing, feel free to read through our manufacturing process blog to get an idea of our sustainable manufacturing process. If you have any questions, you can also visit our Questions and Answers page. If your question is not answered or you want to know more details, feel free to contact us.

6. ready for collection

As soon as your jewelry is ready to be picked up or shipped, you will receive an email notification. You can either go to one of our stores or we can send your jewelry to your home.

If you realize on site that you surprisingly don't like something, we can make individual adjustments. In case of a size change, there will be no costs for you.

And your unique piece of jewelry for eternity is ready to make your eyes sparkle every day!

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