How to Stack Rings

Stacking rings has always been a thing. Certainly, it is one of the biggest trends at the moment. Everyone's doing it - but what to stack exactly and how? Worry not, because we created a little guide to help you out. Read further to discover some styling rules of how to stack your favorite rings.

1. Stack Rings by Metal & Colour

While combining gold with silver jewelry was a big no-no a couple of years ago, it’s quite fashionable to do so nowadays. You can gladly wear your gold rings alongside your silver and platinum ones. If you're new to this trend, you can always start out small 290 - Tembo Jambo Ring - Coil Ringby trying to stack your rings by the color of their metal. For example, you could combine white gold with silver and platinum. Another idea is to stack them according to their metal. Wearing a rose gold ring along with a yellow and white gold ring is a wonderful idea. This is one of the reasons why all our rose-coloured rings are less pink. This makes it easier to combine them with other colours. Why is our rose colour different? Read our material guide. If you want to take this a step further, you can combine different metals and colours. You could wear a gold ring on the same finger as your silver and platinum ones. The trick is to have continuity, so make sure to put a middle piece in-between to create a smooth transition. For example, you could wear a silver ring at the base of your finger followed by a textured gold ring containing both white and yellow gold. On top of it, a yellow gold ring would close the look. The middle piece has the purpose to tie your jewelry together.

2. Stack Rings by their Style

Not all jewlery pieces are meant to be stacked together. Mostly, combining an antique ring with a geometric or a minimal one won't work. The idea is to stack rings with similar styles. If you want to be edgy, you could stack geometric rings, for example. Jodhpur CollectionFor a rather elegant and romantic look, you could wear an art deco ring with two simple bands of the same metal. If you want to wear a chunky piece, make sure that the other two rings are simple and not statement ones.

3. What about Gemstones?

Some gemstones look well together, others do not. So, when choosing the rings you want to stack, pay attention to the gemstones. Neutral colours like a white diamond or clear crystals look great with any gemstone. Rubies, on the other hand, won’t look as great with turquoise. If you want to stack rings with gemstones, create a colour theme. For instance, it could be pastels, in which case you could wear turquoise with opals and tourmaline. You could also wear sapphires with diamonds or rubies with garnets and other gemstones with hues of red. If you're short on rings containing rubies or sapphires, discover our Jodhpur Collection.

4. Consider the Setting

293 moon stack ring 294 star stack ring yellow

It is also important to consider the setting of the ring. Solitaire, cathedral or bezel settings often don’t look as nice with other rings designed with the same or a similar setting. Usually, a ring that contains a centerpiece nicely blends with rings containing stones in paving or channel settings - or just a plain band. However, there are certain settings made to be stacked and look great with similar settings. Such as our Stack Collection.

5. Other Jewelry with Stacked Rings

Except for anklets, rings are the jewelry pieces worn at the lowest position of your body. This offers you a lot of freedom when stacking rings. Obviously, you can stack bracelets just like you do with rings. You should keep in mind not to use too many different shapes and materials when stacking bracelets, however, especially when you're already stacking some rings. This might shift the focus from your rings and subsequently away from your hands. So, rather add some lovely earrings and necklaces to your outfit. Necklaces follow similar stacking rules as rings by the way - we'll save this topic for another blog post though.To sum it up, forget the bracelets when wearing stacked rings and focus on your earrings or necklace. This way, you create an interesting balance of focused jewelry. At the end of the day, stacking rings is not about matching them perfectly or have a hand full of rings. It's about finding the right balance that raises the eyebrow of someone else for justthe right reasons. Always remember to find a common element and leave some space between your rings to keep a nice balance between metal and skin and you're good to go. Now that you know how to stack jewelry like a pro, it’s time to get some new pieces. Check out our unique collections!