How to Stack Rings

Materials and color

A few years ago, it was taboo to combine gold and silver jewelry, but nowadays it's trendy. You can easily wear your gold rings with silver and platinum rings. If you are new to this trend, just combine the rings according to the color of their metal. For example, white gold goes well with silver and platinum. You can also combine variations of the same metal, for example, rose gold with yellow and white gold. Our rose colored rings are purposely designed to be easily combined with other colors. If you want to go a step further, you can mix different metals and colors. Keep continuity by placing a centerpiece between the different rings to create a smooth transition. For more details, check out our material guide.

Combine rings in their style

Not all jewelry is suitable to be combined with each other. So styling an antique ring together with a geometric ring and a plain ring is rather not advisable. Rather wear rings with a similar style. For an eccentric look, you could combine geometric rings, for example. For an elegant and romantic touch, wear an art deco ring together with two simple rings made of the same metal. If your heart beats for statement rings, make sure that other rings are kept more simple.

What about precious stones?

When choosing rings should pay attention to gemstones, because: Some gemstones combine well with each other, others do not. Neutral colors like those of diamonds or clear crystals look great with any gemstone. Strong colors, for example, rubies with turquoise stones to combine, on the other hand, is more difficult. If you want to wear rings with gemstones, create a color theme beforehand. This can be pastel shades, such as wearing turquoise with opals and tourmalines. Alternatively, sapphires work great with diamonds or rubies with garnets and other reds. If you are still missing rings with rubies or sapphires in your collection, our Jodhpur collection can surely help you.

Combine colors

Why is our rosé color different? You can find the answer in our material guide. If you want to go one step further, you can combine different metals and colors. You could wear a gold ring on the same finger as your silver or platinum ring. The key word here is continuity. So make sure you place a centerpiece between two different rings to create a smooth transition. For example, if there is a silver ring at the base of your finger, you could now complement it with a gold ring that contains both white and yellow gold. This is followed by a yellow gold ring. So the middle ring acts as the link here.

Pay attention to the ring-fAssing

When combining rings, it is equally important to consider the setting of the ring. Solitaire, cathedral, or bezel settings usually don't mix well visually with rings with the same or similar settings. Often, a ring with a centerpiece will harmonize very well with rings that contain stones in pave or channel settings - or simply with a plain band. However, there are certain settings that look quite great with similar settings. Like our Stack Collection, for example.

Other jewelry to rings

Apart from anklets, rings are the jewelry that sits lowest on the body. This gives you a lot of freedom when combining your rings. Of course, you can combine bracelets just as well as rings. However, when combining bracelets, you should be careful not to use too many different shapes and materials, especially if you already wear several rings. This could distract the focus from your rings and therefore from your hands. So rather fall back on a few nice earrings and necklaces to spice up your outfit. For necklaces, by the way, similar combination rules apply as for rings - but we save this topic for an extra blog post.

In summary, when wearing multiple rings, bracelets should be safely ignored and instead focus on earrings or necklaces. This way you create an interesting balance of focused jewelry. At the end of the day, combining rings is not about matching them perfectly or cluttering your hand with rings. It's much more about finding the right balance. So always make sure to find a binding element and leave some space between your rings to create a balance between metal and skin. Now that you know how to pair rings like a pro, it's time to grab some new rings. So feel free to check out our unique collections!